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The aftermath (et cetera, et cetera)

1 Nov

The Spartacus and the Circus of Shadows book launch last week was a bigger success than I could have imagined!! Thank you immensely to everyone who made it out. I was so flattered and happy to see all those people–family, friends, RainTown peeps, Ooliganers, and even former bosses and strangers–crammed into Green Bean Books for the event. The reading went well, I didn’t drop any swear bombs, and I even avoided stabbing anyone with my sword! Between almost selling out of both cases of hardback and paperback and knowing people are actually out there reading the book, it’s all very surreal.

Book update
Not to crush anyone’s dreams that they got a limited edition copy last week, but I’ve been told the books will be available in stores soon. I’ll be sure to post its locations soon so they’ll be easy to find. (It’ll be easy to find me, then, too; I’ll be the one wandering down the J aisle in Powells’ middle-grade fiction section, idly touching the book spine or obsessively facing it out. I might even put on a beard and pretend to work there until at least January.)

Also, about the same time the books arrive in the stores, I’ll have copies on hand as well. If you’re interested in ordering an author-inscribed copy directly from me for the holidays (which, purportedly, can make the copy very desirable to collectors), feel free to stop me on the street, at Powells, or send me an email. If you’re looking for something extra-special for the co-workers/neighbors/paper boy, I can even include some cool Spart swag while supplies last (tattoos, clown noses, even a rubber chicken). Note that I do recommend that each giftee get their own personalized copy so there’s no fighting.

P.S. I have a book talk scheduled next week, for Nov. 7th at Linfield College in McMinnville, OR. I’ll be discussing the writing and publishing process, plus answering questions and signing books–if you’re in the area, stop by and ask me something easy. Find out more.


Book launch tomorrow!!!!

25 Oct

1) That’s really unbelievable.

2) Wish my cat had taken into consideration all I have to do to prepare for tomorrow before he—well, made it necessary to bathe him. (Cats do not bathe quickly and clean up takes twice as long, but how can you blame a cat in a cone?)

Actually, I really can’t get any further in this blog post than 2, because I’m too busy practicing my signature with various pen types and signature styles. And trying to decide if notecards would be dorky. I’m also googling stuff about sword swallowing, just to brush up in case any one asks about it. So. Tomorrow:

5 pm,  Green Bean Books
1600 NE Alberta Street | Portland, Oregon 97211

Get directions

See you tomorrow!!!!

P.S. If it looks like I haven’t slept, chances are I didn’t.

P.P.S. Green Bean books will have both hardcover and softcover for sale for both of your reading needs. Bring a friend, bring a question–oh, and if you know a sword swallower, bring them, too. I’m sure we can fit them into the agenda.

When was your first time?

19 Oct

At Wordstock, I went to a panel called, “When was you first time?” and the first-time authors all got choked up a bit, relating that moment their first box of books arrived. I bring this up because 1) it was touching, and 2) because the hardcover edition of Spartacus and the Circus of Shadows is due in my hands any moment now. And, in one week from now, the book will be in an actual bookstore. Seven little days.

I don’t know how I’ll be able to sleep until then.

I can’t tell you how long and crazy these last two years have been. Back in August, 2009,  it was entitled Spartacus and the World-Renowned Circus of Complete Surprise and it lived on an external hard drive on a shelf in my closet. It had made a few rounds to a few publishers and I’d retired it as a throw-away novel, a lesson learned. In September 2009, a PSU proff who chaired my 2006 MA thesis (which was Spartacus) asked to use it in her YA editing class. And, randomly, in May 2010, I got an email that I first thought was a joke. The subject line: “Let’s publish Spartacus.” (Yes, I still re-read that email.)

After finding out it wasn’t a joke, but instead the best luck EVER–I suddenly had to face all my doubts in the plot. I’d basically picked the book completely apart in my mind in order to be able to give up on it and put it on that closet shelf to begin with. The doubt worked into hundreds of hours of re-writing and editing (and, admittedly, DAYS spent brainstorming in bars)…to even think about all that is like having to recall details of a car accident. It makes my heart pound.

But now…now there’s this perfect little being that we created—

—Sorry! Sorry. It’s always talked about like a birthing process. Each book is a tiny miracle! It may not be exactly the same, but a lot of it really is…much like the birthing process, many books are conceived with the aid of alcohol (however, I think there are quite a few more index cards involved in book plotting than baby-making). But there’s the fear about if it’s going to be okay, the pain of delivering it, then letting others see it. And then letting it go off into the world without you. Oh, the anxiety of it all…! And the sheer pride of the thing you made, despite the fact that so many people have done the same thing and had their books grow up to hate them…

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes. The story’s back story aside…well. Now that the count down can be expressed in days and not weeks or months, I’m a complete, happy, grateful mess. Like a sloppy drunk. I’m grateful to RainTown, to Z, to my parents, to the rat I saw stuck in the sidewalk near my house that one time, to my cat and my houseplants, to the universe.

And really, beyond that, there is nothing I can say at this point that can be construed as humble, so I’ll just say this: Hell, yeah.

Countdown to book launch: 7 days


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